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5 Steps You Need to Follow for Manifesting Your Best Life

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5 Steps You Need to Follow for Manifesting Your Best Life

Have you ever heard that “we need to clear our negative mind/energy before we can attract more positivity into our lives”? Whether true or not — the common theme here is that in order to achieve ANY goals or dreams that you may have, it takes work. Manifesting your best life takes work, so let's get to it!

In this article, I'll guide you through the steps you need to take in order to manifest your best life. These steps are based on the law of attraction. In other words, I'll be sharing tips and strategies with you that will help you get more of whatever it is that you want — whether it's more money or simply more happiness or inner peace. In order to feel abundant, the clothes you wear and image you carry of yourself plays a vital role. Check out our Visualize the Life and Manifestation in my Veins t-shirts and get your high-vibe manifestation gear now!

1. Clarify what you want.

The first and most important step to manifesting any goal is to know exactly what you want. Many people have a hard time clarifying their desires, but this should be fun. You need to ask yourself: What does it look like? How will I feel when I achieve it? By clearly defining your goals and regularly visualizing them, you're putting your subconscious mind in the driver's seat; if you want something badly enough, it will respond by working harder for you to make sure that it happens.

Make no mistake about this; manifesting is powerful stuff! It can completely change the trajectory of your life, but only if you focus on what matters to YOU and envision your perfect outcome with all of your senses. This means imagining how a particular goal smells, sounds, looks, tastes, or feels when you achieve it. If it's a financial goal—imagine the feel of large bills in your hands, or perhaps even imagine going into the bank and seeing an amount in the positive balance column that fills you with joy! If it's a relationship goal—imagine holding hands with someone very special as they say things that make your heart sing! Regardless of which area of your life needs improvement—the more specific and detailed you are about imagining what success will look like when achieved—the faster and easier it will come.

2. Ask for it.

We know it sounds corny, but when you ask with passion, intention, clarity, gratitude, and trust, the Universe will provide. When you ask with confidence that what you need is coming to you and that whatever happens is for your highest good (even if it isn't apparent at first), the Universe will provide. When you ask with your whole heart and in faith that your request has been heard, the Universe will provide.

So why don't all of our dreams come true? The answer lies in how we're asking for things—the energetic frequency we're giving off. If people are asking for things from a place of fear or anger or resentment or frustration or desperation or attachment because they mistakenly believe they need something to make them happy, it's not going to go well. That's low-frequency energy and it sets up a blockage between you and what you want.

When we approach the Universe from a place of fear-based expectation—expecting it to give us something so we can feel secure again—we cut ourselves off from receiving anything at all. Instead of asking with desperation (which will just result in more fear), humble yourself enough to admit that there's some part of this process that's beyond your current level of understanding. Then simply sit back and watch how perfectly everything falls into place if you just let go of trying to control everything—and surrender into the knowledge that what is meant for us is always on its way!

3. Believe it’s on its way.

This step can be the most difficult. It's important to believe that what you have asked for is on its way, that it's possible and in your future. The perfect thing to do here is to practice gratitude—to be grateful for all of the blessings you already have in your life. Think about how having this manifested dream will impact your life, how it will make you feel when it comes true, and what it will mean for your future.

As with affirmations, try using a notebook or journal to write down some of the ways you'll feel once this goal is achieved. Use positive self-talk and get excited about how great things are going to be once you manifest exactly what you want! This step puts your feelings into action and breaks out of the mental prison so many of us are trapped in. Don't let those negative thoughts stop you from achieving greatness!

4. Receive it!

Now that you've spent time visualizing and focusing on what you want, it's time to receive it. First of all, make sure you're open to new opportunities. You must be willing to receive what you've requested otherwise the universe will not provide it. You may have heard the saying “when one door closes, another opens” before—it applies well here. If you are closed off or closed minded, your door will remain shut and your best life just out of reach.

Try not to get discouraged if your manifestation doesn't come right away—the universe has its own timing and everything is always happening when it's supposed to happen. Remember that no matter how long it takes for something good to come along, there is absolutely no need for fear or worry! The universe is providing for all of our needs at all times (even though we may think we're running out), so trust that your best life is on its way and will arrive in divine timing (which means at exactly the right moment).

Finally, be vigilant about looking out for signs from the universe when a door does open up for you—this could take many forms! It might be a strange coincidence, or a friend telling you about an important job opportunity they heard about...or even a billboard advertising an exciting new product that would solve all of your problems. Be aware of these signs when they arrive; don't let them slip away! And last but not least: say thank you when something good comes into your life—it could be as simple as saying thank you in your head as soon as something positive appears in front of you or stepping back while giving thanks before eating or drinking anything; but above all else give thanks in every moment! Our Meraki Daydream printable gratitude journal can help you refine your gratitude practice! Grab your copy here!

5. Surrender to the Universe

The final step in manifesting your dream life is to surrender to the universe. While this may sound like a daunting task, it's actually not as complicated as it may seem. Contrary to popular belief, the process of surrendering doesn't mean you're letting go of control or accepting defeat. It's actually more about letting go of control and having faith that the universe will provide for you. When you open yourself up to receiving, rather than trying so hard on your own, things just seem to work better. In addition, when you let go of trying so hard, you allow yourself to be present in your day-to-day life and experience all the gifts surrounding you on a minute-by-minute basis—not something that happens frequently when we're too focused on trying to make things happen according to our plan.

After all, we have no way of knowing exactly what the universe has in mind for us—and maybe it really does have something better than our wildest dreams coming its way!

You can manifest your best life in 5 steps if you ask, believe and allow yourself to receive it by relinquishing control of the 'how'. Just know that what you asked for is on its way, and it's up to the Universe to align you with people, places and opportunities that take care of the 'how'.

5 Steps for Manifestation

Here is a 5 step guide to manifesting your best life:

  1. Get clear on the life you want
  2. Ask for it
  3. Believe that you already have it and are worthy of it
  4. Allow yourself to receive it by relinquishing control of the 'how' - keep your eyes open! The Universe will give you clues on how to get what you asked for, but know that the Universe's timing is always right, even when we don't understand its process or motive just yet. Let go of what you think the Universe should do or how things should be and simply trust that it will all work out for your greater good in the end.
  5. Surrender to the Universe and let go of any attachment to how your best life will come about or how quickly it'll happen so that you can stay focused on what really matters - becoming a vibrational match to manifesting your desires!

You can find your way to success through a number of different paths. The steps I outlined above are just a guide—use them as you will, and make the changes that resonate with you. Only then will you find the path to your best life. But whatever you do, don't give up. There is always a way forward.


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