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The Meraki Mission

Meraki Daydream aims to empower people to embrace their divinity and inspire them to be the magical forces of nature they were born to be. We aspire to encourage people to embrace the magic that is present in everyday life, and to pay attention to the signs from Spirit.

Our brand serves as a reminder that the universe always has our backs, if we just tune in to its divine rhythm. This allows us to channel our inner divine power and exude a confidence that lets us step into our lives with a renewed sense of being. "I can conquer anything knowing that the universe is always conspiring in my favor" echoes as you step into the world in our magical attire.

We are a brand that also supports your transformational journey of becoming more of your authentic self; trusting yourself and the universe to guide you towards taking aligned action to create the life of your dreams.

To further assist in our mission, we aim to give back to the most amazing goddess of all, Earth Goddess Gaia. We plant trees at checkout for every order made! 🌳

Embrace Your Magical Side

At Meraki Daydream, we aspire to help you turn everyday activities into magical rituals through spirituality, self-love, mindful living, intentional fashion and personal growth. We also help you embrace your magical side. For our brand this means, embracing your inner:


Clothing and Accessories Shop for the magical being who wants to wear their affirmations proudly and show up in the world, clothed in confidence and empowerment.

The goddess adorns herself in affirmations and basks in the magic of the universe, divinely guided and inspired.


Spiritual Self-Love Community for the spiritual seeker who wants to be part of a vibrant community of empowered like-minded individuals on a path to achieving real results on their spiritual journeys.

The alchemist transforms their life with actionable personal and spiritual growth tools from the community.


Mindful Business Community for the conscious business leader who wants to transform their business into a mindful sanctuary, driven by purpose and free from burnout.

The magician is a visionary that turns the mundane into the magical, and work into service, honoring business as an extension of personal growth.

Meraki Daydream Collections

Channel your inner magic with products from our stunning collections!

Unisex Goddess Print T-Shirt

Cosmic T-Shirts

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Speak It Into Existence Lined Journal

Manifestation Journals

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Goddess Crop Hoodie - Meraki Daydream

Mystic Hoodies

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Become a Meraki Advocate

Here at Meraki Daydream, we want to forge strong relationships with amazing people everywhere who want to connect to their magical sides!

Our affiliate program aims to give back to those who love and support our brand and wish to share the magic with their friends and family!

You will get your unique code and earn commission on your referral orders when you sign up.

Simply click the link below to get started!

Cosmic T-Shirts For High Vibe Lives

Step out with high vibes and mystical ties with our stunning selection of T-Shirts. Designed to make you feel like a magical being everyday!

Mindful Mugs For Manifestation

Fancy some cats, crystals and coffee? Be intentional with your morning routine and start your day right with our magical mugs! Available in our Rich Witch Juice collection.

Carry Around Your Magical Tools In Style

Our selection of bags and pouches encourage you to flaunt your inner Magical Being while keeping your belongings safe.

Carry around your manifestation journal and bottles in our sturdy tote bags and access divine guidance on the go!

Magical Beings Unite

Join our tribe of Mystical Beings and channel your Divine power...

Fashionable and Functional

Our brand strives to create high-quality products and stunning designs to make our magical community feel confident and proud to represent us.

A Community That Cares

Our brand aims to inspire and empower people to be their best selves and step into their magic. Meraki Daydream is a community of magical beings who support and uplift one another.

Brand with a Purpose

We infuse our designs with thought and love in hopes that you feel our devotion to our brand. We also honor the Earth Goddess Gaia by planting a tree at checkout! 🌳